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Should the Vikings be buyers at next week's trade deadline?

"You can't give up first round draft picks because the odds are still pushing against the Vikings making the playoffs."

With their 22-17 win against the 49ers on Monday night, the Vikings jumped back into the playoff picture in a weak NFC, moving just a half game back of the final playoff spot. Does that mean the Vikings should be buyers at next week's trade deadline?

"I don't think that it should change their approach to pretty much anything," argues Purple Insider's Matthew Coller. "Maybe this means you don't sell Danielle Hunter when teams call for him, if they beat the Green Bay Packers."

Coller cautions that we've seen this picture before, like in 2020 when the Vikings started 1-5 and then beat a good Green Bay team at Lambeau, which was apparently enough to take the finger off the trade trigger with hopes of going on a run and they ultimately finished 7-9 and missed the playoffs. 

"We can't get too high on one victory," Coller continued. "Also, the fact that they barely beat Tyson Bagent and the Bears just last week. I think they can't overreact to this too much.

"They probably should just ride it out, continue to give young players opportunities, guys like Andrew Booth Jr. are starting to get in the game, and see what they can do. Give more opportunities to Jordan Addison to have games like he did. And not do anything that's going to sacrifice draft capital for the future."

But, say the Vikings do go to Lambeau and knock off the Packers, move to 4-4 and look like a team that could go on a run. Should the Vikings look to add and what should they be willing to give up?

"If you're doing any buying that buying should be either players who are going to be a big part of the future or players who cost nothing," said Coller. "So, if you feel like there is someone you can acquire that can add a little depth to a position that is going to cost you a sixth round draft pick. . . As long as you're not sacrificing the future. Remember, this is the competitive rebuild not the 'All in because you beat San Francisco season.'"

So who are some players the Vikings could target at next Tuesday's deadline?

The offense seemingly has one hole it needs to fill and that's in the running game. Saquon Barkley and Derrick Henry are on the final years of their deals and on teams that are likely to be sellers. The Giants have already said Barkley isn't available but if a good enough offer comes in would they really say no? How much do the Vikings want to give up for rental running backs?

Another option on the offense would be to add another receiver. This is far less likely to happen because of the emergence of Addison and the recent showing from Brandon Powell, but adding another weapon just makes it that much more difficult to stop a potent offense.

How much would the Broncos want to part with Jerry Jeudy or Courtland Sutton? Would Tampa Bay be interested in parting ways with Mike Evans, who already has voiced displeasure with his contract situation?

More pressing for the Vikings is shoring up the defense. The Vikings front office parted ways with several big name veterans on that side of the ball last offseason, leaving Brian Flores with a lot of youth.

It would take significant hauls for Washington to part ways with defensive linemen like Chase Young or Montez Sweat, but they would mark significant improvements for the Vikings' bare defensive front.

Another big name on the interior defensive line that could be a potential trade target is Titans defensive tackle Teair Tart. Vikings fans will remember Tart from the 26-year-old getting thrown out of joint practices this summer in Eagan. Tart is playing on a $4.3 million deal this season and with a rebuild possible in Tennessee he's likely to find a new home next offseason.

"If there is some move to be made that would be a significant part of the future, and I mean a Chase Young or a Brian Burns, I don't think they'll be in on anything like that that also requires big contract extensions in the future," said Coller. "But if they think they're going to lose Danielle Hunter, maybe you check in and see what that's like."

Burns is on the final year of his rookie deal with an 0-6 Panthers squad that doesn't have a first round pick in the upcoming draft. The asking price for Burns would probably price-out the Vikings from even thinking about that but another Panther they could look at is cornerback Donte Jackson. The 27-year-old hasn't had much success this season which could drive the asking price down for the veteran corner.

"You can't give up first round draft picks because the odds are still pushing against the Vikings making the playoffs," said Coller. "Despite the schedule, despite their huge win they still are a 3-4 football team that should not be way too high on themselves and start spending like crazy."