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'Sky is the limit' for the Vikings, says Good Morning Football's Peter Schrager

'What they're doing and what they've got going right now is special. I'm a believer.'
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It's fair to say that even when things are going well for the Vikings, they still tend to get overlooked by the national media focused on well-trodden narratives, but Sunday's win over the Atlanta Falcons has made "Good Morning Football's" Peter Schrager sit up and take notice.

Speaking on Wednesday's show, Schrager was glowing in his praise for the team and its recovery from setback after setback this season, going from 0-3 to 5-4 despite losing Kirk Cousins for the season and Justin Jefferson for multiple games.

The Vikings are currently in a Wild Card spot for the postseason, but Schrager thinks their aims should be loftier, namely challenging the Detroit Lions for the NFC North and grabbing a higher seed in the process.

"I look at these next two games, this Saints Vikings game ... that is a huge matchup. At Denver v. Chicago if I'm looking at what the Vikings did last week in Atlanta against the No. 6 defense in the league, they can beat the Saints at home, they can go to Denver and win, they can beat the Bears at home, then you're looking at an 8-4 team," Schrager said.

"And hey guess what, they still haven't played the Lions yet. So I don't think it's just a wild card, the sky is the limit for them."

'With the Vikings winning in Atlanta despite losing another starting quarterback to injury when Jaren Hall left with a concussion, and bringing Josh Dobbs in to lead the team to victory having just joined a few days earlier, Schrager believes the credit should go to head coach Kevin O'Connell and defensive coach Brian Flores.

"If they can do this ... Kevin O'Connell has to get coach of the year consideration considering this team was down and out, lose their starting QB, lose their all world wide receiver ... and they win games despite it? Shout out to him," he continued.

"And hey Brian Flores, we're seeing what you're doing, that's an incredible job on the defensive unit that last year was their achilles heel, now it's a strength. I hate to be so pro Vikings in a world where the Lions are doing their thing, but gosh coming off that win, I'm intoxicated on it."

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