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Vikings announcer Paul Allen: 'These sour *bleep* Niners can get out of town'

Another memorable call from the Vikings radio announcer.

Paul Allen, the longtime radio announcer of the Minnesota Vikings, could be speeding his way to another viral moment thanks to his game-ending call after the Vikings defeated the 49ers 22-17 Monday night. 

The game effectively ended with Vikings safety Cam Bynum intercepting San Francisco quarterback Brock Purdy with 25 seconds to play. Allen, who is known for emotional calls, lived up to his billing by referring to the 49ers as "sour a**" after a skirmish broke out on the field after the interception. 

His call went like this... 

"Purdy, back to pass – somebody needs to sack him – he loops it over the middle, intercepted! Yes! The Vikings beat the Niners! And Cam Bynum has a two-interception night. And now a fight, it unfurls on the field and we're not over-exaggerating that, there were punches thrown. These sour a** Niners can go ahead and get out of town."

"Sorry for the foul language, but stop throwing punches at our players," Allen tweeted afterward. "Still, much respect for the Niners."

Allen went viral numerous times last year, especially after LeBron James tweeted about him after hearing Allen's highlights from the thrilling Vikings-Bills game in Buffalo. 

More recently, Allen was featured in an NFL Films segment in which he conveyed that he thought he might get fired 20 years ago for his emotional play-by-play when the Cardinals prevented the Vikings from reaching the playoffs in 2003.