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Vikings' Jordan Hicks hospitalized after emergency procedure

Hicks needed a procedure to relieve swelling and will miss at least one game.
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The shin injury that knocked Vikings linebacker Jordan Hicks out of Sunday's game against the Saints wound up putting him in the hospital, where he remained Monday afternoon. 

"After the game, it was swollen up pretty good and under the recommendation of [the medical team] we decided to get Jordan evaluated at a local hospital where he did need a procedure to address some of the complications from that direct trauma to his lower leg, to relieve some of the pressure that was in there," head coach Kevin O'Connell said Monday. 

"He's doing well today but it is something, more than likely, that will cause him to miss at least this week. We'll make sure that Jordan continues to get that great care and hope to have him back in the facility as soon as possible."

O'Connell said Hicks was "immediately" transported to a local hospital after the game, which he said was "very important" to a successful outcome and to avoid "something that could've been very serious."

"It was from the trauma, kind of a contusion-type thing," O'Connell said. "He tried to work through it a little bit and just kind of, some of the fluid that built up in there became something that we wanted to be very aware of."

Hicks remaining hospitalized Monday was "out of precaution," the coach said. 

The injury was classified by O'Connell as a "compartment syndrome type thing," which according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons is a medical emergency that if not treated quickly can lead to permanent muscle damage.