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NCAA issues guidance to college football programs regarding NIL

It's official: the NCAA is putting its foot down regarding the new NIL rules and how they affect college football recruiting in the modern game.

The NCAA Board of Directors sent out a new guidance to its Division I member schools clarifying the current rules and prohibiting boosters from recruiting.

The rules are effective immediately and follow a wide array of calls from notable figures in college sports to create some kind of regulation in the new environment.

NIL rules have created something akin to the wild west, especially on the recruiting front, and the NCAA is trying to get ahead of those developments.

How? Here's what the NCAA had to say about its new guidance on NIL.

The guidance was developed by a task force of national leaders with student-athlete opportunity at the forefront of discussions.

Specifically, the guidance defines as a booster any third-party entity that promotes an athletics program, assists with recruiting or assists with providing benefits to recruits, enrolled student-athletes or their family members.

The definition could include “collectives” set up to funnel name, image and likeness deals to prospective student-athletes or enrolled student-athletes who might be considering transferring.

NCAA recruiting rules preclude boosters from recruiting and/or providing benefits to prospective student-athletes.

For any potential violations which may have occurred prior to May 9, 2022, the board said it will only review and enforce the rules for the most severe cases.

(h/t NCAA)

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