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Paul Finebaum laughs off Mike Leach's take on College Football Playoff expansion

The huge underdog victory by Rich Strike in the Kentucky Derby had the sports world buzzing, including Mississippi State coach Mike Leach, who couldn't help compare the race to the future of the College Football Playoff.

“That horse winning the Kentucky Derby today is a good example of why an expanded college football playoff is needed,” Leach said on Twitter. 

“That horse hadn’t won all the races leading up, but it got its chance and that’s what happened.”

That comparison didn't sit well with the Mouth of the South, Paul Finebaum.

In order to get an upset of that magnitude, college football would have to expand its playoff system so much that it would render the regular season almost useless.

“That horse would not have a winning record,” Finebaum said. 

“It would’ve been someone who finished about 12th in the SEC and wouldn’t be going to a bowl game, that’s how crazy thoroughbred racing is.

“There’s no correlation whatsoever, Coach Leach, between what happened there with owners able to buy their way into the Derby and Mississippi State, as an example, getting a ticket to the college football playoff.”

Leach and the Bulldogs finished 7-6 last season with a 4-4 SEC mark and placing fourth in the West Division.

“I don’t mean to get on his bad side this early in the morning in Starkville, but I would spend more time trying to make sure his team gets to a bowl game this year than worrying about whether the college football playoff should be open to everyone who has a helmet, a football and a jockstrap,” Finebaum said.

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