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Deion Sanders has a message for Nick Saban after his recruiting comments

Nick Saban didn't confine his bombshell NIL comments to Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M, also including Deion Sanders and Jackson State, claiming that school paid $1 million to sign 5-star cornerback Travis Hunter.

"Jackson State paid a guy a million dollars last year that was a really good Division I player to come to school," Saban said. "It was in the paper. They bragged about it. Nobody did anything about it."

Saban's comments went viral immediately and had the college football world buzzing, especially after reaction poured in from Fisher, who went on an all-time rant defending his program, and then from Sanders.

Prime wants to talk it out with Saban — and he wants witnesses.

“I haven’t talked to Coach Saban. I’m sure he’s tried to call. We need to talk publicly — not privately,” Sanders said. 

“What you said was public. That doesn’t require a conversation. Let’s talk publicly and let everybody hear the conversation. You can’t do that publicly and call privately.”

Despite the comments, which Saban has apologized for in part, Sanders says he still has a lot of respect for the 7-time national champion.

"No, no, no. I still love him," Sanders said. 

"I admire him. I respect him. He’s the magna cum laude of college football and that’s what it’s going to be because he’s earned that. But he took a left when he should’ve stayed right. I’m sure he’ll get back on course. I ain’t tripping.”

(h/t Andscape)

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