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USC, UCLA will leave Pac-12 and join Big Ten in 2024 college football season

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College football realignment could be on the verge of taking another major turn as USC and UCLA are planning to leave the Pac-12 for the Big Ten

The schools are preparing to leave their current conference as early as the 2024 football season, both institutions announced.

"Ultimately, the Big Ten is the best home for USC and Trojan athletics as we move into the new world of collegiate sports," Southern Cal AD Mike Bohn said. 

"We are excited that our values align with the league's member institutions. We also will benefit from the stability and strength of the conference; the athletic caliber of Big Ten institutions; the increased visibility, exposure, and resources the conference will bring our student-athletes and programs; and the ability to expand engagement with our passionate alumni nationwide."

"UCLA has deeply valued our membership in the Pac-12 for many years, and we intend to be a member of the conference for the next two years," the school said. 

"At the same time, each school faces its own unique challenges and circumstances, and we believe this is the best move for UCLA at this time. For us, this move offers greater certainty in rapidly changing times and ensures that we remain a leader in college athletics for generations to come."

Now come all the hard questions. What about the rest of the Pac-12 conference? Could other schools decide to leave? Who will join? This is just about the worst news new commissioner George Kliavkoff could have received so early in his tenure.

USC and UCLA are two of the premier football programs in the Pac-12, and the move mirrors the bombshell decision of Texas and Oklahoma to leave the Big 12 for the SEC.

With these two departures, it seems the Pac-12 will have to fish for two new members, though it's difficult to see what other schools can replace the cache of the two Los Angeles-based programs.

Any way you look at it, the move is a potential earthquake in the power dynamics of college football, both on the field and from a business perspective.

The sport of college football appears headed towards an era of super conferences.

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