‘Uncle Dana Need to Sign Luke Rockhold,’ UFC Boss Pitched Sean Strickland Fight

'Rampage' pleads with White to book the ultimate grudge match in Strickland vs. Rockhold.
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People are starting to get behind a potential UFC return for Luke Rockhold.

The former UFC Middleweight Champion turned free agent made headlines earlier this week with his request to fight loudmouth rival Sean Strickland inside the Octagon. Rockhold and Strickland were scheduled to face off at UFC 268, but Rockhold withdrew due to injury. Years later, Rockhold is asking UFC CEO Dana White for a 'hall pass' to finally settle the score once and for all.

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"Rampage" Jacksaon Vouches for Luke Rockhold-UFC Return

Seeing as though Rockhold hasn't been on the UFC roster since a decision loss to common opponent Paulo Costa in August 2022, Strickland would invite Rockhold to a gym war instead at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas, without a purse or prize to fight for other than bragging rights.

Separated from the promotional powers that be, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson made a plea to his former longtime boss White to give Rockhold another chance in the UFC by letting him fight Strickland.

"Fighters, we beef with each other," Jackson told 'The Schmo'. "It is just unfortunate that there's contracts and fighters can't just go and entertain the fans when one's out of the contract. I say, uncle Dana need to sign Luke Rockhold back to the UFC. Get 'em in the mix of things and just one day put that fight together because with all due respect, I think Luke Rockhold has a good chance of kicking Sean Strickland's ass."

Speaking of kicking butt, Rockhold most recently knocked out former Glory Kickboxer Joe Schilling in the main event of Karate Combat 45. This was the second stop in free agency for Rockhold, a successful outing after having his teeth caved in by 'Platinum' Mike Perry in the BKFC last year.

Rockhold was a riding a three-fight losing streak on his way out of the UFC, but has seen better days with some of his biggest wins coming over Michael Bisping, Lyoto Machida and Chris Weidman to pick up the world title in 2015.

Strickland is on a heck of a stretch, winning four of his last five fights, including wins over ex-UFC champ Israel Adesanya and top contender Paulo Costa, who he just beat by split decision at UFC 302 last weekend. The American resides as the #1 contender in the middleweight division, patiently waiting for a title shot that's all but guaranteed.

"Sean Strickland, he's a good fighter and everything. He's former champion, [but] I think Luke got more tools and more skills," Jackson said of the potential matchup between Strickland & Rockhold.

As it so turns out, Luke Rockhold isn't the only fighter to be asking Dana White for another shot in the UFC....

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Should Dana White adhere to 'Rampage' Jackson and sign Luke Rockhold for a grudge match against Sean Strickland? Or will the 39 year-old Rockhold be left to wander free agency for the rest of his fighting days?

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