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WWE 2K24: Fans Scolded For Racist Remarks Towards Cover Star Bianca Belair

WWE superstars shame fans for racist comments towards the "EST."

WWE superstars have come to the defense of top WWE talent Bianca Belair following racist remarks from fans.

Belair is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in the wrestling business. She is a multiple-time women's champion and has long been established as a headliner. While Bianca is widely praised, there are a few bad apples who have hurled racist comments towards the "EST."

Her colleagues have now come to her defense.

Belair is featured as one of the cover athletes for the WWE 2K24 video game along with "The American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes and Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley. While most agree that these are fine choices for the cover art, a few fans took to the official Instagram account of WWE 2K to unfortunately share their racist behavior.

The first comment in the screenshot has drawn the ire of a few WWE superstars who have spoken out.

Big E of The New Day called on wrestling fans to do better on his X account.

"The black women in this industry face a regular barrage of racism & misogyny from “fans.” And have for far too long. You cannot diminish their light. You cannot erase their contributions to this industry."

Friday Night SmackDown roster member Zelina Vega also showed her support for Bianca Belair.

"Bianca is one of the best this business and WORLD has ever seen. When I think of a hard worker, stand out, path paver, and someone who is genuinely a proud representation of her culture, it’s Bianca. She deserves everything she’s gotten and MORE. She EARNED the name EST.

"The 'fans' that took part in the blatant disrespect and hate towards her and other black men and women should be ashamed and embarrassed. It’s disgusting. But your hate will never EVER dim their shine. We love you B. You continue to be an inspiration to all of us." 

Monday Night Raw's Ivy Nile expressed gratitude to all of the WWE 2K cover stars, and made it clear that she supports Bianca.

"@BiancaBelairWWE is everything I strive to be in the WWE. All 3 are the hardest working and influential people in my life, and I’m so grateful to know ALL of them. Much love, B #TennesseeStrong."

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