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UFC News: Sean Strickland Destroys Influencer in Brutal Beatdown

This influencer found out the hard way.

Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland was live-streamed beating the brakes off of notorious influencer 'Sneako' on February 9.

"Tarzan" was called out for a boxing match by the social media personality in a previous stream, and the grizzled fighter was sure to deliver.

The full video, which was originally streamed on Rumble, can be watched below:

Strickland --- known for his hard sparring habits --- threw Sneako a bone by letting him work for the first few minutes of the round. Like a fawn on ice, Sneako fumbled for potshot jabs and landed hard when he could, which wouldn't pay off in the long run.

As soon as the final seconds timer sounded, Strickland pressed on the gas and pummeled his challenger against the fence. Sneako ate unanswered headshots for 20 seconds. "Tarzan" chased him across the ring, ignoring the towels being thrown in, and was eventually stopped by a training partner.

"You didn't fall down, Sneako!" Strickland exclaimed as his bloodied and dejected rival recollected himself. "All you had to do was fall and I would have stopped," Strickland later admitted.

Any influencers might have second doubts about challenging UFC fighters in the future.

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