F1 24 Trailer and Details Revealed as Upcoming Game Offers All-New Career Mode

The first trailer for F1 24 has been released, showcasing a mix of real and in-game footage including current world champion Max Verstappen. This upcoming installment introduces major enhancements, particularly to the career mode, setting a new benchmark for racing enthusiasts.

As May approaches, the anticipation within the F1 community has reached a fever pitch as constructors begin to discuss substantial upgrades, but also because EA Sports has unveiled the latest addition to their illustrious series, F1 24. Scheduled for release on May 31, this title stands out not only for its advanced gameplay mechanics but also for the depth of its career mode enhancements and the early arrival compared to the previous games.

Among the most significant introductions in F1 24 is the 'EA Sports Dynamic Handling’ model, a sophisticated system designed to transform the virtual driving experience. This model fine-tunes various aspects of car performance including cornering fidelity, rolling resistance, and brake pressure responsiveness, all of which are dynamically affected by ambient track conditions. Such improvements aim to mirror the complexities and nuances of real F1 racing as closely as possible, while still retaining the fact that you don't have to be an F1 driver to enjoy yourself.

The trailer, energetic as always, pairs in-game footage with clips of Max Verstappen tearing up the track, all set to the hard-hitting tunes of Green Day’s "Brain Stew". Visuals remain broadly in line with last year’s F1 23, albeit updated to include the latest car models reflecting the current season’s specifications. There are far more driver faces than usual in this trailer, and they all look quite FIFA-like. But why the sudden focus here? Well...

A significant chunk of excitement stems from the overhauled career mode. Players now have the option to step into the shoes of any of the current 20 drivers on the 2024 grid or rise through the ranks starting from Formula 2. Adding to the allure is the introduction of F1 2024 'Icons', a nod to legendary figures within the sport. The new reputation system intricately linked with performance on the track, influences contract offers and directly impacts the research and development capabilities of a player's team. It's all very clever.

Also making a return is the F1 World game mode. Here, players face a series of time-limited challenges and real-life race scenarios that promise to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging long after the initial release. However, unlike the main career mode, this segment does not sport major overhauls.

Pre-order incentives for F1 24? Of course. The Champions Edition not only grants immediate access to 2024 season liveries for teams like McLaren and Williams in F1 23’s Time Trial mode but also offers early access to F1 24. Moreover, players receive additional in-game resources crucial for advancing in the F1 World mode, such as 18,000 pitcoin and incremental upgrades.

For long-time fans and loyalists, there is a sweetener in the form of a loyalty discount, offering a 15% reduction for anyone who has owned a title since F1 2021.

As May 31 draws closer, the excitement among gaming and Formula 1 enthusiasts is palpable, and I'm very excited to get my hands on a copy on its release.

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Alex Harrington


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