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F1 News: Charles Leclerc Clears Stance Amid Carlos Sainz 2025 Exit - "Ferrari Comes First"

Charles Leclerc has opened up on his relationship with teammate Carlos Sainz, who will leave Ferrari after the 2024 season.

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc is confident that his relationship with teammate Carlos Sainz will not suffer as the two indulge in wheel-to-wheel racing in the second-fastest car on the Formula 1 grid. The Monagasque driver suggested that the team results mattered the most among them, above everything else.

Key Takeaways:

  • Charles Leclerc remains confident in maintaining a positive relationship with teammate Carlos Sainz despite intense wheel-to-wheel racing in the second-fastest car on the grid.
  • Sainz's focus on performance in his final season at Ferrari is closely watched as he aims to secure a seat for next year, particularly with Lewis Hamilton set to join Ferrari.
  • During the Bahrain Grand Prix, Sainz's bold overtake of Leclerc initiates a competitive battle, with Leclerc stressing the importance of prioritizing Ferrari's interests and avoiding unnecessary risks on track. Despite the competition, Leclerc emphasizes the strength of their relationship through open communication and mutual respect.
Ferrari and Shell partnership

Sainz's approach to his final season is being observed as the Spaniard has disclosed his intention to prioritize his performance to enhance his prospects of securing a seat for the following year when Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton takes over his seat.

Not only that, Sainz's relationship with Leclerc has raised questions, particularly after their close racing encounter in Bahrain, where he executed a daring move up the inside of Leclerc at turn one on Lap 11. This maneuver initiated a spirited duel between the two drivers through the opening corners, ultimately resulting in Sainz securing third place behind both Red Bulls.

However, Leclerc clarified to the media Ferrari comes above everything else for both drivers. He said:

"We are always trying to fight on the limit, but obviously keeping in mind that Ferrari comes first and we cannot take unnecessary risks.

"From my side, I wasn't really in a position to be fighting properly as we had quite a few issues to manage, but at the end [of the day], it is a balance and sometimes we might go a bit more over the limit and be a bit too aggressive."

Carlos Sainz - Ferrari

Talking about his relationship with Sainz, he added: 

"We'll then have a discussion and recentre it, and that is what we have done in the years we have been competing together, but I don't remember any time where it went as far as having a problem between us.

"It is a good thing and should stay that way, but I have no doubt on that.

"We also have a very good relationship outside of the car, so we are very open and very honest with ourselves, and have this discussion very often.

"It is all about finding the right balance, but I think we did."

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