F1 News: Lewis Hamilton Addresses Ferrari Team Worry

Lewis Hamilton has addressed concerns regarding his move to Ferrari, expressing confidence in the team.
May 2, 2024; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA;  Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton (44)  addresses the media
May 2, 2024; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton (44) addresses the media / John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Lewis Hamilton recently discussed his transition to Ferrari and the expectations placed on his new team. Amid concerns over rapid success, Hamilton expressed confidence in Ferrari’s strategic team building, despite him knowing very few people within the Scuderia.

As Formula 1's 2025 season approaches, the focus is shifting to Lewis Hamilton, whose move from Mercedes to Ferrari marks a significant shift in not only his own career, but also the driver market. After an illustrious 11-year tenure at Mercedes, bagging six world titles, Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari is not just a personal career pivot but a huge move for Ferrari who are trying to suck up as much new talent as possible under the leadership of Fred Vasseur since last year.

Ahead of the Imola Grand Prix, the 7-time world champion was asked about potential struggles moving to a team where he knows very few people. His answer, as quoted by Crash.net:

"When I moved to Mercedes, I didn't know anybody, and that was totally fine, so I don't think that makes a big difference to me," Hamilton shared. "But obviously, Loic [Serra], I worked with for many, many years, so I have a great working relationship with Loic as well. And my first number two mechanic works at that team, so they're the only two I think I know particularly well, as well as Fred -[Vasseur]."

Addressing the skepticism about Ferrari’s immediate success post his arrival, the Briton remains unfazed by the monumental expectations. Analysts have speculated whether Hamilton's move could restore Ferrari to its former glory— a notion that racing analyst and former driver Karun Chandhok finds premature.

"Hamilton alone is not going to make Ferrari world champions overnight," stated Chandhok. "All of these other people move in to come and restructure the whole thing, and you'd have to say Fred Vasseur is doing an amazing job."

While it’s clear that Hamilton’s move to Ferrari is fraught with high expectations, the amalgamation of his strong history and the team that is being put together by Vasseur, depict a promising future for the Prancing Horse. Whether this translates into championship titles remains to be seen, but for now, the groundwork being laid at the Maranello team is aimed squarely at long-term dominance in the sport.

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