F1 News: Max Verstappen Defends Kelly Piquet With Emotional Message Against Online Abuse

Max Verstappen publicly supports his girlfriend Kelly Piquet against severe online abuse.
Max Verstappen & Kelly Piquet
Max Verstappen & Kelly Piquet / Red Bull Content Pool

Formula 1 World Champion Max Verstappen has publicly voiced his support for his girlfriend, Kelly Piquet, who has been enduring severe online abuse for over three years. The situation has significantly worsened recently, prompting both figures to speak out via social media against the toxicity they have faced.

Kelly Piquet, a well-known figure within the F1 community, model, and columnist, took to Instagram to share the distress she has experienced due to continuous online harassment, which includes everything from rumors and manipulated images to outright false accusations. Piquet expressed her dismay over the escalating nature of the abuse, calling out the serious defamation that has recently occurred. She posted:

"A note from me and a gentle reminder to all...The online world can be a wonderful place for various reasons, but a very scary one when wrong information and lies are thrown around."

"For over three years, I've been navigating a very strange and upsetting wave of accusations, rumours, fabricated situations, fake testimonials, photoshopped screenshots...you name it. All the while staying silent and not playing into these ridiculous claims.

"Accusations made in the past months especially have taken on another level of defamation. Those who know me know that I would never put myself in such positions, say certain things or act in such a way. I am far from perfect, but I do take pride in my values, morals and manners. Let's be clear."

Reacting to the ongoing issue, Verstappen shared his own thoughts on the same platform, highlighting the personal impact of the online hate directed not just at Piquet but affecting their family circle as well. He commented on Piquet's post:

"This has to stop. These false accusations by certain individuals on Instagram and TikTok are insane and ridiculous at the same time. Hate has no place in this world. We know what’s true within our family and we are very happy together. I love you."

Both Piquet and Verstappen not only addressed the issue but also called for more responsible behavior online. Reflecting on personal philosophy and the broader implications of our digital actions, Piquet quoted author James Clear:

"As a human being, the comments and hate affect me and the people around me deeply. I hope this serves as a reminder for people to verify online content before making threats.

"Remember, as James Clear says, 'every action we take is a vote for who we want to be'. Let's choose to be better humans to ourselves and others'."

Lydia Mee


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