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Premier League Rich List: All 20 Clubs Ranked By Combined Net Worth Of Owners

Newcastle United have emerged as genuine challengers for a top-four finish in the Premier League this season.

The Magpies have not finished above 10th place in the EPL since 2012 but their fortunes look set to change drastically in the coming years because of... well, their new fortune.

In October 2021, a consortium comprising of the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF), PCP Capital Partners, and the Reuben Brothers took over Newcastle United.

The combined wealth of Newcastle's owners is today estimated at $620 billion.

A general view from inside of St. James' Park in Newcastle in December 2022

Newcastle United's owners are wealthier than the owners of every other EPL club combined

To put that into some context, the estimated net worth of the owners of the other 19 Premier League clubs combined is only around $124 billion.

Manchester City are the second richest club in the EPL based on the depth of their owners' pockets.

The combined net worth of the Abu Dhabi United Group, Silver Lake, China Media Capital and the CITIC Group is believed to be in the region of $22 billion.

Chelsea's owners are the third richest in the Premier League with an estimated combined wealth of $15.8 billion.

Premier League Clubs Ranked By Owners' Wealth

All 20 Premier League clubs ranked based on the estimated net worth of their owners.

ClubEstimated combined wealth of owners


$620 billion

Man City

$22 billion


$15.8 billion


$12.9 billion

Aston Villa

$11.9 billion


$9.8 billion


$7.9 billion

West Ham

$7.3 billion


$6.9 billion


$5.8 billion

Crystal Palace

$5.5 billion

Man United

$4.7 billion


$4 billion


$2.9 billion


$1.7 billion


$1.6 billion


$1.3 billion


$1.3 billion

Nottingham Forest

$620 million


$300 million