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Photos: Estancia baseball takes down Jillian Albayati led Anaheim 2-1 to win Division 6 Southern Section title

The game ended in 11 innings.

FULLERTON, Calif. -- Estancia took down Anaheim 2-1 courtesy of an 11th inning RBI double from James De La O to win the Division 6 Southern Section championship from Cal State Fullerton on Saturday. In the bottom of the 11th, De La O closed out the game on the mound to clinch the win.

"We did it," De La O, said with a smile postgame.


Anaheim starter Jillian Albayati became the first girl to pitch in a Southern Section championship game on Saturday.

All year long, Albayati has been the Colonists' ace. She came into the title game with an 11-0 record and 1.68 ERA.

Albayati threw nine innings allowing one run on eight hits against Estancia. She struck out two.

"This proves that girls can go out there and really compete," Albayati said.

Albayati helped her own cause in the bottom of the fifth inning hitting an RBI single to tie the game 1-1. 

Check out all of the photos from the action below.

(All photos by Heston Quan)

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