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Here are the Class 5A all-state teams for the fall 2021 Oregon high school football season.

All-state teams are determined by a vote of the state’s coaches, compiled by the SBLive Oregon staff, and published jointly by SBLive Oregon and The Oregonian/OregonLive. Email with any questions, comments or corrections.


Offensive player of the year: Jordan McCarty, Silverton

Defensive player of the year: Kyle Liscom, Pendleton

Coach of the year: Josh Craig, Silverton


Jordan McCarty photo by Taylor Balkom

First team offense

QB Jordan McCarty, Silverton, senior

RB Josiah Davis, North Salem, junior

RB Tyler Konold, Canby, sophomore

WR Vandon Fessler, Silverton, senior

WR Jacob Newell, Thurston, senior

WR Austin Ratliff, Silverton, senior

TE Grayson Starck, Thurston, senior

TE Jacob Strand, Canby, senior

C Auron Cramer, Thurston, senior

OL Carson Benedict, West Albany, senior

OL Jimmy Jordahl, Crater, senior

OL Orie Schaffers, Silverton, senior

OL Samuel Willis, Silverton, senior

K Joey Friedman, Wilsonville, senior

Second team offense

QB Trenton Hughes, Hood River Valley, senior

QB Luke McNabb, Scappoose, senior

RB Brycen Indell, Thurston, senior

RB Logan Person, Dallas, senior

WR Cooper Hiday, Wilsonville, junior

WR Riley Van Camp, Churchill, senior

WR Carson Wright, Corvallis, senior

TE Brysen Kachel, West Albany, sophomore

C Keenan Sanford, Wilsonville, senior

OL Jacob Griffin, Pendleton, senior

OL Casey Langdale, Canby, senior

OL Joseph Martin, Ridgeview, senior

OL Brycen Thomas, Churchill, senior

K Gavin Levesque, Thurston, senior

Honorable mention offense

QB Chase Hix, Wilsonville, senior

QB Chace Pence, Churchill, senior

QB Carter Steeves, Corvallis, senior

RB Myles Barton, Putnam, senior

RB Alex Briseno, Silverton, junior

RB Gavin Knights, Thurston, senior

RB Caden Lasater, Crater, senior

RB Jacob Ogden, Wilsonville, junior

RB Eric Pendergrass, Ridgeview, junior

WR Jimmie Copeland, Eagle Point, senior

WR Chansse Lee, McKay, senior

WR Jeremiah Schwartz, Ridgeview, junior

TE Zach Gault, Ridgeview, senior

TE Waylon Wolfe, Lebanon, senior

OL Brock Arntson, Wilsonville, senior

OL Nick Cooper, Wilsonville, senior

OL Ramie Halbrook, South Albany, senior

OL Malcom I’aulualo, Hood River Valley, sophomore

OL Colin Kennedy, Canby, senior

OL Chase Sattler, Springfield, senior

OL Weston Tucker, Corvallis, senior

OL Alex Whitaker, Hood River Valley, senior

K Landen Parker, Crescent Valley, senior

K Robert Rowan, Hood River Valley, senior


Kyle Liscom photo by Ken Waz

First team defense

DL Josh Buller, Thurston, senior

DL Jimmy Jordahl, Crater, senior

DL Jake Newell, Thurston, senior

DL Braden Rohde, Churchill, senior

DL Orie Schaffers, Silverton, senior

DL Jacob Strand, Canby, senior

LB Joe Brauckmiller, Canby, senior

LB Vaun Halstead, Thurston, junior

LB Kyle Liscom, Pendleton, senior

LB Tyler Seiber, South Albany, senior

LB Keegan Walter, Silverton, senior

DB Vandon Fessler, Silverton, senior

DB Jack Johnson, Wilsonville, senior

DB Austin Ratliff, Silverton, senior

DB Darien Witham, Thurston, junior

P Landen Parker, Crescent Valley, senior

Second team defense

DL Chase Barnes, West Albany, senior

DL Jacob Griffin, Pendleton, senior

DL Joseph Martin, Ridgeview, senior

DL Tim Phelps, Wilsonville, senior

DL Samuel Willis, Silverton, senior

LB Rochne Beecham, Wilsonville, senior

LB Nick Cooper, Wilsonville, senior

LB Caden Lasater, Crater, senior

LB Gabriel Robles, Redmond, senior

LB James Toland, Silverton, senior

LB Waylon Wolfe, Lebanon, senior

DB Gabe Browning, Pendleton, senior

DB Connor Green, Wilsonville, senior

DB Trenton Hughes, Hood River Valley, senior

DB Luke McNabb, Scappoose, senior

P Luke McNabb, Scappoose, senior

Honorable mention defense

DL Tristan Davis, Wilsonville, junior

DL Ramie Halbrook, South Albany, senior

DL Casey Langdale, Canby, senior

DL Weston Tucker, Corvallis, senior

DL Alex Whitaker, Hood River Valley, senior

LB Joey Frazier, Hood River Valley, senior

LB Brysen Kachel, West Albany, sophomore

LB Romynn Schaefer, Churchill, junior

DB Ryles Buckley, Hood River Valley, senior

DB Miles Jennings, Crater, senior

DB Tyler Konold, Canby, sophomore

DB Riley Paxton, West Albany, senior

DB Matthew Soles, Canby, senior

DB Danny Womack, Churchill, senior

P Jeremiah Schwartz, Ridgeview, junior

P Carter Steeves, Corvallis, senior

P Riley Van Camp, Churchill, senior


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