Indiana Football All-Time NFL Draft Picks

Here's a list of every Indiana Hoosiers football player that has been drafted into the NFL.
Dec 25, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; New York Giants linebacker Micah McFadden (41).
Dec 25, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; New York Giants linebacker Micah McFadden (41). / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Dating back to 1936, Indiana has had 172 players drafted by NFL teams.

Most recently, All-American linebacker Micah McFadden was taken in the fifth round by the New York Giants, and several Hoosiers are hoping to hear their named called during hte 2024 NFL Draft, beginning on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET.

Here's a list of all 172 Hoosiers taken in the NFL Draft through the years.


Micah McFadden, linebacker: 5th round, 146th pick by New York Giants


Jamar Johnson, safety: 5th round, 164th pick by Denver Broncos


Simon Stepaniak, offensive line: 6th round, 209th pick by Green Bay Packers


Wes Martin, offensive line: 4th round, 131st pick by Washington Commanders


Ian Thomas, tight end: 4th round, 101st pick by Carolina Panthers

Chris Covington, linebacker: 6th round, 193rd pick by Dallas Cowboys


Dan Feeney, offensive line: 3rd round, 71st pick by Los Angeles Chargers


Jason Spriggs, offensive line: 2nd round, 48th pick by Green Bay Packers

Jordan Howard, running back: 5th round, 150th pick by Chicago Bears

Nate Sudfeld, quarterback: 6th round, 187th pick by Washington Commaders


Tevin Coleman, running back: 3rd round, 73rd pick by Atlanta Falcons


Cody Latimer, wide receiver: 2nd round, 56th pick by Denver Broncos

Ted Bolser, tight end: 7th round, 217th pick by Washington Commanders


James Brewer, offensive line: 4th round, 117th pick by New York Giants

Tandon Doss, wide receiver: 4th round, 123rd pick by Baltimore Ravens


Rodger Saffold, offensive line: 2nd round, 33rd pick by St. Louis Rams

Jammie Kirlew, defensive end: 7th pick, 232nd pick by Denver Broncos

Ray Fisher, defensive back: 7th round, 246th pick by Indianapolis Colts


Tracy Porter, defensive back: 2nd round, 40th pick by New Orleans Saints

James Hardy, wide receiver: 2nd round, 41st pick by Buffalo Bills


Isaac Sowells, offensive line: 4th round, 112th pick by Cleveland Browns

Victor Adeyanju, defensive end: 4th round, 113th pick by St. Louis Rams


Courtney Roby, wide receiver: 3rd round, 68th pick by Tennessee Titans


Gibran Hamdan, quarterback: 7th round, 232nd pick by Washington Commanders


Antwaan Randle El, wide receiver: 2nd round, 62nd pick by Pittsburgh Steelers


Victor Allotey, offensive line: 7th round, 198th pick by Buffalo Bills

Chris Liwienski, offensive line: 7th round, 207th pick by Detroit Lions


Nathan Davis, defensive tackle: 2nd round, 32nd pick by Atlanta Falcons

Steve Lee, running back: 6th round, 167th pick by Baltimore Ravens


Eric Smedley, defensive back: 7th round, 249th pick by Buffalo Bills


Andrew Greene, offensive line: 2nd round, 53rd pick by Miami Dolphins

Lance Brown, defensive back: 5th round, 161st pick by Pittsburgh Steelers

Thomas Lewis, wide receiver: 1st round, 24th pick by New York Giants


Mike Middleton, defensive back: 3rd round, 84th pick by Dallas Cowboys

Trent Green, quarterback: 8th round, 222nd pick by San Diego Chargers


Vaughn Dunbar, running back: 1st pick, 21st pick by New Orleans Saints

Shawn Harper, offensive line: 4th round, 87th pick by St. Louis Rams


Mike Dumas, defensive back: 2nd round, 28th pick by Tennessee Titans

Nolan Harrison, defensive tackle: 6th round, 146th pick by Oakland Raiders

Ernie Thompson, running back: 12th round, 312th pick by St. Louis Rams


Anthony Thompson, running back: 2nd round, 31st pick by Phoenix Cardinals

Ian Beckles, offensive line: 5th round, 114th pick by Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Pete Stoyanovich, kicker: 8th round, 203rd pick by Miami Dolphins

Gary Gooden, defensive back: 9th round, 235th pick by Oakland Raiders


Eric Moore, offensive line: 1st round, 10th pick by New York Giants

Van Waiters, linebacker: 3rd round, 77th pick by Cleveland Browns

Ernie Jones, wide receiver: 7th round, 179th pick by Phoenix Cardinals

Eric Hickerson, defensive back: 10th round, 259th pick by New York Giants


Leonard Bell, defensive back: 3rd round, 76th pick by Cincinnati Bengals


Steve Bradley, quarterback: 12th round, 316th pick by Cincinnati Bengals

Bobby Howard, running back: 12th round, 325th pick by Philadephia Eagles


Kevin Allen, offensive line: 1st round, 9th pick by Philadelphia Eagles

Mike Pendleton, defensive back: 10th round, 279th pick by Miami Dolphins


Mark Smiythe, defensive tackle: 10th round, 269th pick by St. Louis Cardinals


Babe Laufenberg, quarterback: 6th round, 168th pick by Washington Commanders

Jimmy Thomas, defensive back: 10th round, 271st pick by Green Bay Packers


Tim Clifford, quarterback: 10th round, 260th pick by Chicago Bears

Lonnie Johnson, running back: 11th round, 287th pick by Chicago Bears

Nate Lundy, wide receiver: 12th round, 329th pick by Dallas Cowboys


Mike Friede, wide receiver: 3rd round, 62nd pick by Detroit Lions


Joe Norman, linebacker: 2nd round, 45th pick by Seattle Seahawks


Charles Peal, offensive tackle: 10th round, 273rd pick by St. Louis Rams


Dave Knowles, offensive tackle: 9th round, 231st pick by New Orleans Saints


Greg McGuire, offensive tackle: 6th round, 181st pick by Dallas Cowboys

John Jordan, defensive tackle: 8th round, 221st pick by New York Giants

Donnie Thomas, linebacker: 11th round, 298th pick by New England Patriots

Frank Stavroff, kicker: 12th round, 340th pick by Baltimore Colts

Quinn Buckner, defensive back: 14th round, 393rd pick by Washington Commanders

Jack Hoffman, defensive tackle: 15th round, 407th pick by San Diego Chargers

Trent Smock, wide receiver: 15th round, 419th pick by Detroit Lions


Larry Jameson, defensive tackle: 6th round, 152nd pick by St. Louis Cardinals


Carl Barzilawskas, defensive tackle: 1st round, 6th pick by New York Jets

Stu O'Dell, linebacker: 13th round, 332nd pick by Washington Commanders


Mike Fulk, linebacker: 5th round, 112th pick by San Francisco 49ers

Glen Skolnik, wide receiver: 6th round, 154th pick by Pittsburgh Steelers

Dan Lintner, defensive back: 8th round, 184th pick by Philadelphia Eagles

Robert Spicer, linebacker: 9th round, 222nd pick by New York Jets

Ted McNulty, quarterback: 15th round, 380th pick by Cincinnati Bengals


Steve Porter, wide receiver: 14th round, 341st pick by Cincinnati Bengals


John Andrews, tight end: 5th round, 130th pick by Baltimore Colts

Chris Morris, offensive line: 10th round, 258th pick by Minnesota Vikings


John Isenbarger, running back: 2nd round, 48th pick by San Francisco 49ers

Jade Butcher, wide receiver: 6th round, 147th pick by Atlanta Falcons

Eric Stolberg, wide receiver: 17th round, 440th pick by Oakland Raiders


Jim Sniadecki, linebacker: 4th round, 86th pick by San Francisco 49ers

Calvin Snowden, defensive end: 9th round, 227th pick by St. Louis Cardinals

Robert Kirk, offensive line: 16th round, 391st pick by Buffalo Bills


Doug Crusan, offensive tackle: 1st round, 27th pick by Miami Dolphins

Terry Cole, running back: 9th round, 242nd pick by Baltimore Colts

Brown Marks, linebacker: 16th round, 435th pick by Cincinnati Bengals


Bob Van, offensive line: 5th round, 114th pick by Philadelphia Eagles


Randy Beisler, defensive end: 1st round, 4th pick by Philadelphia Eagles

Bill Malinchak, wide receiver: 3rd round, 39th pick by Detroit Lions

Ken Hollister, offensive line: 12th round, 171st pick by Atlanta Falcons

Tom Gallagher, defensive end: 20th round, 299th pick by St. Louis Cardinals


Tom Nowatzke, running back: 1st round, 11th pick by Detroit Lions

Don Croftcheck, offensive line: 8th round, 105th pick by Washington Commanders


Marv Woodson, defensive back: 1st round, 8th pick by Baltimore Colts


John Johnson, offensive line: 6th round, 80th pick by Chicago Bears

Nate Ramsey, defensive back: 14th round, 186th pick by Philadelphia Eagles

Jeff Slabaugh, offensive line: 18th round, 249th pick by Chicago Bears

Mike Wasdovich, offensive line: 19th round, 256th pick by Philadelphia Eagles


Earl Faison, defensive end: 5th round, 66th pick by Detroit Lions

Moses Gray, offensive line: 9th pick, 123rd pick by New York Giants

Wilbert Scott, linebacker: 16th round, 215th pick by Pittsburgh Steelers

Randy Williams, running back: 18th round, 240th pick by Dallas Cowboys

Ed Morris, offensive line: 18th round, 251st pick by Cleveland Browns


Ted Aucreman, wide receiver: 11th round, 123rd pick by Detroit Lions

Vic Jones, running back: 13th round, 146th pick by Arizona Cardinals


Mike Rabold, offensive tackle: 2nd round, 19th pick by Detroit Lions

Tom Campbell, running back: 24th round, 285th pick by St. Louis Rams

Bob Corrigan, offensive line: 27th round, 314th pick by Chicago Cardinals

John Aveni, wide receiver: 27th round, 321st pick by Chicago Bears


Jim Yore, running back: 13th round, 151st pick by San Francisco 49ers

Tony Aloisio, wide receiver: 22nd round, 255th pick by Chicago Cardinals

Dave Whitsell, running back: 24th round, 289th pick by Detroit Lions


Milt Campbell, running back: 5th round, 53rd pick by Cleveland Browns

Joe Amstutz, offensive line: 6th round, 63rd pick by Cleveland Browns

Bob Fee, running back: 14th round, 166th pick by Chicago Cardinals

Brad Bomba, wide receiver: 15th round, 177th pick by Washington Commanders

Gene Cichowski, quarterback: 21st round, 246th pick by Pittsburgh Steelers


Bob Skoronski, offensive line: 5th round, 56th pick by Green Bay Packers


Nate Borden, defensive end: 25th round, 293rd pick by Green Bay Packers


Harry Jagielski, offensive line: 7th round, 80th pick by Washington Commanders


Gene Gedman, running back: 2nd round, 25th pick by Detroit Lions

Pete Russo, offensive line: 20th round, 230th pick by Baltimore Colts


Mel Becket, offensive line: 8th round, 87th pick by Green Bay Packers

John Davis, running back: 15th round, 171st pick by Chicago Cardinals

Sam Talarico, offensive line: 19th round, 225th pick Cleveland Browns

Bobby Robertson, running back: 23rd round, 276th pick by Cleveland Browns

Cliff Anderson, defensive end: 25th round, 291st pick by Chicago Cardinals


Casimir Witucki, offensive line: 21st round, 266th pick by Washington Commanders


John Goldsberry, offensive line: 4th round, 40th pick by ChicagoCardinals

Georgie Taliaferro, running back: 13th round, 129th pick by Chicago Bears

Jerry Morrical, offensive line: 16th round, 155th pick by New York Giants

Nick Sebek, running back: 25th round, 248th pick by Washington Commanders


Dick Deranek, running back: 10th round, 82nd pick by Pittsburgh Steelers

Harry Jagade, running back: 14th round, 118th pick by Washington Commanders

Rex Grossman Sr., running back: 29th round, 273rd pick by Philadelphia Eagles


John Cannady, offensive line: 3rd round, 22nd pick by New York Giants

Ben Raimondi, running back: 6th round, 41st pick by Chicago Cardinals

Bob Hoernschemeyer, running back: 11th round, 94th pick by New York Giants

Bob Ravensburg, defensive end: 17th round, 150th pick by Chicago Cardinals

Jim Goodman, offensive line: 18th round, 160th pick by Green Bay Packers

Jimmy Dewar, running back: 19th round, 173rd pick by St. Louis Rams


Howard Brown, offensive line: 22nd round, 206th pick by Green Bay Packers

Ben Raimondi, running back: 26th round, 248th pick by Philadelphia Eagles


Pete Pihos, wide receiver: 5th round, 41st pick by Philadelphia Eagles

Bob Bowan, running back: 12th round, 111th pick by Chicago Cardinals

John Cannady, running back: 16th round, 154th pick by Chicago Cardinals


Billy Hillenbrand, running back: 1st round, 6th pick by New York Giants

Jack Tavener, offensive line: 4th round, 28th pick by Chicago Cardinals

Lou Saban, running back: 10th round, 88th pick by Chicago Cardinals

Chuck Jacoby, running back: 24th round, 244th pick by Detroit Lions

Bob Zimmy, offensive line: 28th round, 287th pick by Chicago Cardinals

Russ Deal, offensive line: 31st round, 319th pick by Green Bay Packers


Earl Doloway, running back: 15th round, 133rd pick by Chicago Cardinals


Jim Trimble, offensive line: 15th round, 139th pick by Green Bay Packers


Eddie Rucinski, defensive end: 6th round, 49th pick by Brooklyn Dodgers

Emil Uremovich, offensive line: 11th round, 93rd pick by Pittsburgh Steelers

Harold Hursh, running back: 19th round, 174th pick by Cleveland Rams


Bob Haak, offensive line: 2nd round, 15th pick by Brooklyn Dodgers

Frank Petrick, defensive end: 10th round, 83rd pick by Cleveland Rams

Paul Graham, running back: 20th round, 183rd pick by Cleveland Rams


Corbett Davis, running back: 1st round, 1st pick by Cleveland Rams

Frank Filchock, running back: 2nd round, 14th pick by Pittsburgh Steelers

Jim Sirtosky, offensive line: 9th round, 76th pick by Detroit Lions

Bob Kenderdine, defensive end: 11th round, 95th pick by Chicago Cardinals


Vern Huffman, running back: 3rd round, 27th pick by Detroit Lions

Chris Del Sasso, offensive line: 6th round, 60th pick by Cleveland Rams


Ettore Antonini, defensive end: 6th round, 51st pick by Chicago Cardinals

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