The Most Memorable Broadcasting Blunders of 2017

From Don LaGreca's on-air meltdown to Dick Stockton's Ron Burgundy moment, there were plenty of bizarre broadcasting gaffes in 2017. Here, we count down the most memorable.
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As 2017 comes to a close, we'd like to take this time to reflect on the things that stood out—good or bad—over the past 365 days. When it comes to the broadcasting world, this means reminiscing about some of the more surreal things we saw and heard, live on television.

The year had a nice mix of your basic gaffes, your general bizarreness, and your completely cringeworthy moments. 

We've ranked the top 12.

12. Mike Patrick and Tommy Tuberville

While calling November's Oklahoma State-Iowa State football game, the ESPN announcing team was caught on a hot mic talking about "taking dumps,"

11. Tommy Heinsohn

​The Celtics analyst dipped into TMI territory during an October game while describing Celtics center Aron Baynes:  "I took a look at Baynes in the shower. He looks like all of Australia. He is really put together."

10. Keith Hernandez

The hot mic strikes again. Here, the Mets broadcaster and one-time Seinfeld star is caught dropping some NSFW analysis of Nats hurler Tanner Roark, saying, "Roarke's been getting his t--ts lit."


9. Skip Bayless

The FS1 blowhard says so many stupid things on a daily basis that it's hard to keep track, but in early November, he was caught in a lie when attempting to undermine Carson Wentz's accomplishments. He claimed he watched the entire Broncos-Eagles game, and then claimed that Philly quarterback Carson Wentz was strip-sacked during the contest. The only problem with his description? The strip-sack happened to Eagles' back-up QB, Nick Foles, not Wentz.

8. Shaquille O'Neal

There's really not much more to say about this one other than exactly what happened: Shaq fell off his chair and went crashing to the ground. It's must-see television. 

7. Don LaGreca

​The ESPN New York radio host had a complete on-air meltdown in August because a caller suggested that Yankees manager Joe Girardi should've pinch-hit for Aaron Judge during a game.

6. Sergio Dipp

The ESPN sideline reporter became a national sensation for about 12 hours when he delivered a sideline report for the ages during the Chargers-Broncos game on the opening Monday of the NFL season. 

5. Troy Aikman

Fox's No. 1 analyst tried to blame Packers offensive lineman David Bakhtiari for allowing a sack against the Cowboys. The only problem was that Bakhtiari was hurt and did not play in the game. Even worse was that FOX cameras cut to Bakhtiari in street clothes on the sideline while Aikman was taking him to task.

4. Joe Buck

Awwwwwkard. While talking about U.S. Open winner Brooks Koepka during the June tournament, Buck mistakenly identified his girlfriend as Becky Edwards. Koepka's girlfriend was actually Jena Sims. And Edwards was actually his ex.

3. Al Michaels

Al quickly learned that he's better off sticking to point spread references after he made (and had to apologize for) a Harvey Weinstein joke during a Giants-Broncos game.

2. Dick Stockton

Ron Burgundy would've been proud of this effort from Fox's longtime play-by-play man who read his copy—ALL of his copy—during a break in the action of October's Rams-Jaguars game.

1. Jay Feely

Not only did Feely, calling Eastern Michigan-Toldeo in early October, say this field goal hit a crossbar, he then said it was good. WHAT?!?!?

We thank all the people mentioned here for the laughs and can't wait to see what 2018 brings us when it comes to broadcasting blunders.