WATCH: Johnny Damon intercepts Manny Ramirez's first pitch, gets his revenge

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Everything has been going great for Manny Ramirez as of late. He was recently named a player-coach for the Cubs’ Triple-A Iowa team. He has a tight new haircut. And on Wednesday night, his 2004 Red Sox were back at Fenway to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their curse-breaking championship season. Derek Lowe, Pedro Martinez, Kevin Millar, Curt Schilling, Tim Wakefield and Kevin Youkilis were among those who were there, but it was Ramirez who was given the honor of throwing out the first pitch.

Ramirez rocked back and fired what looked like it was going to be a strike to Jason Varitek, but then – oh god, was that Johnny Damon’s music?

Damon streaked across the infield, plucked Ramirez’s toss out of the air and rolled to the turf, only to rise and lift his arms in the air, taking in Fenway’s love all for himself.

“We’ve seen that before,” the announcer said, as it was allegedly a tribute to that time back in '04 when Manny wackily cut off Damon’s throw from the outfield, leading to an emasculation of Damon and an inside the park homer:

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