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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson works out with Texas Rangers

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SURPRISE, Ariz. (AP) Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson spent Saturday at spring training with the Texas Rangers, hitting a home run in batting practice and drawing on his recent Super Bowl experience to deliver a message to the team.

A former minor league infielder for Colorado, Wilson was later acquired by the Rangers and practiced with them last year.

''I think I'm better in baseball than football,'' Wilson said, breaking into a laugh.

Wilson took out the lineup card before Texas played San Diego, but wasn't going to get into the game.

The last time he played in the Phoenix area, Wilson threw an interception at the goal line in the final seconds against New England, costing Seattle a chance to win its second straight Super Bowl.

Part of his message to the Texas players, he said, focused on: ''How do you get back to that opportunity to where you are there again?''

''It comes back to fundamentals, but it also comes back to that team bonding. It comes back to `I have your back' type of mentality at all costs,'' he said.

''We were walking to the field and Prince Fielder asked me what's it like, winning the Super Bowl. It's a great feeling just to be get to that moment. You can actually get there and say I've done it before.''

Wilson said Fielder asked ''another question about what's it like, trying to get back to it. It's the same feeling, whatever it takes.''

''Obviously we had an opportunity to win the game, but it didn't happen the way we wanted to, but we believe we'll be in that situation again,'' he said.

Wilson won the Super Bowl as a rookie, beating Denver, before the 28-24 loss to the Patriots on Feb. 1 in Glendale, Arizona.

Wilson hit .229 with five home runs in 93 games during the 2010-11 seasons in the Rockies' system before starring in the NFL. He struck out 118 times in 315 at-bats in the low minors.

''I think there probably will always be an itch'' to play baseball, Wilson said. ''It was my first sport as a kid. It comes so natural to me.''

The 26-year-old Wilson was with the Rangers a couple of weeks after Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo visited them.

''Do the Rangers have a quarterback controversy?'' Wilson kidded. ''No. I think the Rangers' fans are probably most likely loyal to Tony, a great quarterback.''

Wilson said it was ''an honor'' to get a chance to work out with the Rangers.

''It's truly humbling just to be able to play with these guys, the big leaguers and take grounders with them, guys like Prince Fielder, (Adrian) Beltre and (Elvis) Andrus.''

Wilson fielded groundballs at second base and hit several weak grounders and popups before going deep on a back field with several Seahawks fans watching and applauding his every move.

''I lasered one out to left-center field, so that was good,'' he said. ''I stayed back and drove one to left-center. It feels good hitting a home run. It's something special about throwing a touchdown. It's so hard to get touchdowns, but hitting a home run is a good feeling, too.''

Wilson took 10 to 15 swings, prompting Fielder to give a shout.

''How many swings are we going to give this guy?'' Fielder hollered.

Wilson deferred when asked about a contract extension with the Seahawks.

''In terms of my contract, I don't talk about that stuff,'' he said.

After taking out the lineup card, Wilson stayed in uniform in the dugout.

''Maybe next year I'll play nine,'' he said.