June 03, 2015

MIAMI (AP) The Miami Marlins have been slow out the gate this year, and their new custom-designed team plane has yet to get off the ground.

Team officials leased a Boeing 767-200 from a private company during the offseason and ordered it retrofitted with extra-large seats, couches, a massage table and card tables. But the Marlins are still waiting for the plane to be finished and might not get it this season, team president David Samson said Wednesday.

''The parties to the contract have been unable to fill their side of the contract,'' Samson said. ''I'm extremely disappointed. ... We were told next week, and then two weeks, and then three weeks, and now it has been months. We may have to start over.''

The Marlins still plan to fly in a custom-designed plane, but it might not happen until next season. In the meantime, Samson said, the team has been flying in a 767 with more space and seats than a year ago, but it's not custom-designed.

The next trip begins Friday at Colorado.

''We're traveling quite well, but it's not what we hoped it to be and not what we're expecting it to be in the future,'' Samson said.

Little has gone right this year for the Marlins, who fired their manager, have three starting pitchers on the disabled list and are trying to stay out of last place in the NL East.

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