Strike Zone podcast: On Mets' NLCS win, Daniel Murphy's red-hot playoffs

On this week's edition of The Strike Zone podcast, Ted Keith and Stephen Cannella break down the Mets' NLCS sweep and Daniel Murphy's red-hot playoffs.
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For the first time in 15 years, the Mets are going to the World Series. But how did New York get there? On this week's edition of The Strike Zone podcast, hosts Ted Keith and Stephen Cannella step right up and greet the Mets, breaking down their path to the National League pennant.

To start this week's show, Ted and Stephen wrap up the NLCS and the Mets' sweep of the Cubs before pivoting into a quick postmortem for Chicago's season, including why the team fell short in its quest for a pennant and the new expectations that will be on the franchise going forward. From there, Stephen and Ted dive back into the Mets, examining how the front office built a league champion and debating which of their young aces should start Game 1 of the World Series.

Finally, Ted and Stephen turn their attention to Daniel Murphy, whose red-hot postseason has the Mets within four wins of their first title in 29 years. They try to make sense of his incredible run and then discuss whether New York should make every effort to re-sign him this off-season, or if the Mets should let their playoff hero walk in free agency.

Looking for some ALCS talk and a look ahead to the Fall Classic? Be sure to tune in again next Monday as Ted and Stephen bring you a special World Series preview edition of The Strike Zone podcast.

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