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Will Bautista's age, injury concerns and salary demands chase away prospective suitors, or will they put his power above all else?

November 07, 2016

Position: OF | Age: 36
Current Team: Blue Jays | Best Fit: Mets
2016 Stats: .234/.366/.452 (.818 OPS), 22 HR, 69 RBIs, 2 SB

Back in February, reports—denied, if unconvincingly—suggested that Bautista had demanded a deal of least five years and $150 million from the Blue Jays. He won't get close to either figure—not as a 36-year-old whose OPS dropped by nearly 100 points from 2015, is quickly declining in the field and missed 46 games with a number of ailments to his lower extremities. Reeling from the loss of Cespedes, the Mets could dangle a high-money, low-years contract to Bautista—who will probably linger on the market—in an attempt to save face with their fans.

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