It’s almost time for pitchers and catchers to report, and they will be doing so in style.

Reprising last year’s sartorially-minded opinion piece, we ranked the eight new hat designs.

MLB has released all the new spring training gear. It’s available. These hats have sort of annoying Spring Training sign logos on the side, but whatever.

And as with any potential purchase or fashion-related opinion, always consult Extra Mustard.

Jeremy Woo

8. Yankees


If you really want this’ll be half-off at every New York City Modell’s in about two months. Available at Fanatics, $37.99.

7. Indians


The color-blocking doesn’t do it for me, but at least it’s not Chief Wahoo. Available at Fanatics, $37.99.

6. Braves


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Sometimes logos are too big for their hats. This is one of those times. Available at Fanatics, $37.99.

5. Mets


Mets hats are fresh, but wait, isn’t this just the regular Mets logo? Available at Fanatics, $37.99.

4. Cubs


A literal Ray of sunshine? BRILLIANT! Available at Fanatics, $37.99.

1. Mariners


Seattle’s retro gear is generally terrific, and I don’t think anyone would mind the return of the Trident “M” on some regular basis. Available at Fanatics, $37.99.