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Maddux dons beard for prank, fools Cubs' Bryant with curve

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LAS VEGAS (AP) Greg Maddux fooled plenty of hitters during his career - but maybe never in a disguise.

In a video posted Thursday , the Hall of Fame pitcher donned a fake beard and posed as a sound guy throwing his trademark curveball during a round of batting practice with unsuspecting Chicago Cubs star Kris Bryant.

The prank's premise: Maddux patiently held a boom mic and offered occasional swing critiques during a video shoot while Bryant took cuts against another pitcher who left, allowing Maddux to step in.

''This sound guy's got a good curveball - what is this?'' asked Bryant, laughing.

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The reveal came when the pitcher asked Bryant to sign the bat ''to Greg Maddux.''

Last year Bryant pranked a community college team by convincing them he was a transfer.