Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire
March 16, 2017

Cervelli spent parts of seven seasons (2008–14) with the Yankees, starting more than 40 games only in '10. Liberated by a November 2014 trade to Pittsburgh, Cervelli has been a regular the past two seasons, although he was limited to 101 games last year in part because of a broken left hand. Nevertheless, over the past three seasons he's hit for a 107 OPS+ (.285/.372/.378) en route to 5.8 WAR, including 3.2 in 2015, when he set a career high with 130 games. According to Defensive Runs Saved, Cervelli has been slightly below average behind the plate (-4 runs), but he's emerged as an elite pitch framer, worth 34 runs above average in that span according to data from Baseball Prospectus. That’s enough to give him the nod over the Marlins' J.P. Realmuto (4.8 WAR in 2015 and '16 combined but -27 framing runs).

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