Rob Tringali/Getty Images
March 27, 2017

Here is why you buy an subscription and stay up later than you probably should to watch a team that won 72 games last year and isn't likely to crack .500 this year: Michael Nelson Trout, the American League's reigning MVP and the closest this game has seen to Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays since both were in their prime more than half a century ago. Trout's game lacks the panache of Bryce Harper, or even Ken Griffey Jr., and his personality is muted to the point of silence; his biggest hobby is talking about the weather, for crying out loud. But when you watch him play, you see someone who does everything—from hitting to fielding to running the bases—as close to perfect as a player can. Don’t pass up your chance to watch him, even if it means getting a little less sleep.

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