There were so many amazing subplots in this Daniel Murphy walk-off double

It’s hard to determine which part is the best.
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The Nationals beat the Phillies in spectacular fashion on Friday evening, on a Daniel Murphy walk-off double down the line in the 10th which scored Bryce Harper from first base. There were so many captivating things which came out of the 27-second highlight, it’s hard to know where to start. I suppose the video would help, though. Let’s watch that first:

Allow me to explain all of the incredible things about this video:

It was Daniel Murphy Bobblehead Day

The tweet which included the video kind of gave this away, but yes! The team gave away little figurines of Murph before the game. This was destined to be a Murph game.

The pitch was very hard to hit

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 8.31.00 PM_0.png

Murphy’s double came on a sinker down and away, which he masterfully shot down the rightfield line to win the ballgame. Last year, he only hit two pitches that far off the plate for extra bases according to Statcast.

Bryce Harper hustled so hard that he kicked his helmet off


Harper absolutely booked it around the bases, and was moving so fast that his helmet fell off and hit the back of his heel. Naturally, Bryce wouldn’t be slowed by a piece of plastic, kicking it right into the air to keep chugging.

Jayson Werth hugged Bryce Harper

If you didn’t catch it at the very end of the play, Werth dove right into the dirt to hug his bearded brother. So much grit.

So, there you go. Four small storylines inside a 27-second video. You’re better off having watched it.