13. Miami Marlins (10–8, plus-12, T: 21)

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He’s going to get hurt again, because that’s what he does. So let’s enjoy Giancarlo Stanton while we can, because he’s a damn force of nature.

Think about it: When’s the last time you watched a player who hit the ball so terrifyingly hard, so often? In 2015, three of the five hardest balls hit by any player this season were smashed by Stanton. Also five of the hardest eight, eight out of 12, and 14 out of 26. In 2016, he belted five of the nine hardest-hit balls of the season. He hasn’t been quite as prolific this year. But Stanton still ranks among the league leaders in hard smashes, and his huge .300/.367/.614 batting line has Miami in the thick of the (very) early playoff hunt.

The best part about Stanton might be this: When he does connect, you don’t even need to watch. The sound of bat crashing into ball says it all.

12. Detroit Tigers (10–8, minus-14, LT: 13)

11. Texas Rangers (9–10, plus-8, LT: 9)