29. San Diego Padres (8–12, minus-33, LT: 30)

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I could tell you about the perils of high expectations, as the Padres collapsed following their shopping spree for the ages at the 2014 winter meetings. I could highlight the growing pains that inevitably come with playing kids, and how youngsters like Hunter Renfroe and Austin Hedges will deliver some highlights, but also a whole lot of whiffs, both literal and figurative. But sometimes, the answer to a team’s struggles is so blatantly obvious, you wonder why it can’t immediately get fixed.

They’ve lost twice since that Tweet went up.

28. Toronto Blue Jays (5–13, minus-17, LT: 18)

27. Los Angeles Angels (8–12, minus-20, LT: 17)

26. Chicago White Sox (8–9, minus-6, LT: 27)