May 02, 2017

BOSTON (AP) The Latest on Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones being taunted with racial slurs at Fenway Park (all times local):

7:15 p.m.

Orioles center fielder Adam Jones got an extended applause from Fenway Park fans as he took his first at-bat on Tuesday night, one day after hearing racial slurs from the stands.

Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale stepped off the mound briefly to give fans more time to applaud Jones, who also had a bag of peanuts hurled toward him on Monday night.

The fan behavior prompted apologies from Red Sox president Sam Kennedy, who pledged more security at the ballpark on Tuesday.

Fans cheered again after Jones struck out, then quickly shifted to boos for third baseman Manny Machado.


6:10 p.m.

Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia says black baseball players know to expect racial taunts when playing in Boston.

''We know. There's 62 of us and we all know: When you go to Boston, expect it,'' Sabathia said Tuesday as the Yankees prepared to play the Toronto Blue Jays.

Sabathia said he was called names including the N-word when he played in Fenway Park while traveling with the Cleveland Indians. He says he hasn't heard the same slurs while with the Yankees because the team has security guards that accompany players to the bullpen and other areas of the park.

Sabathia says it's sad and infuriating that players still have to deal with racism in baseball in 2017.


5:30 p.m.

Orioles outfielder Adam Jones called the incident in which he said fans inside Fenway Park yelled racial slurs at him and threw a bag of peanuts in his direction was ''unfortunate'' and has no place in today's game.

Jones says he doesn't think what happened is indicative of the larger fan base or city of Boston, but said it speaks to a larger race issues still prevalent around the United States.

''I thought we'd moved past this a long time ago,'' Jones said. ''But obviously with what's going on in the real world, things like this, people are outraged and are speaking up at an alarming rate. It's unfortunate that I had to be involved with it.''

Jones received a personal apology from Red Sox team president Sam Kennedy on behalf of the organization.

Kennedy said the 34 people were ejected for various reasons Monday night and reiterated the team's ''zero tolerance'' policy for such incidents. He also said there would be extra security in place around the outfield on Tuesday.

Kennedy says 10-15 people are usually ejected from Fenway any given night.

Kennedy and manager John Farrell separately met with Red Sox players on Tuesday and said the players said they'd experienced similar incidents in both Fenway and around the league.


3:55 p.m.

Boston police say a fan at Fenway Park threw a bag of peanuts at the Baltimore Orioles' dugout - not at Orioles center fielder Adam Jones - and hit a police officer, not Jones.

That's the latest sequence of events from Boston police Lt. Mike McCarthy.

McCarthy says the unidentified male fan was removed after throwing the peanuts and striking an officer posted near the visitors' dugout.

He told The Associated Press on Tuesday that security officials had the man thrown out before police could identify him.

Jones says he was taunted with racial slurs during a game against the Red Sox on Monday.


3:20 p.m.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker says it's ''outrageous and disgraceful'' that Orioles center fielder Adam Jones was taunted with racial slurs during a game against the Red Sox.

''I'm glad they kicked the guy out and I hope they never let him back in ever again. There's no place in Massachusetts, there's no place in Boston, there's no play anywhere for that kind of behavior,'' the Republican told reporters.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans says police are working with Fenway Park security officials to find out what happened and if a criminal complaint is warranted.

''From what I understand is that they weren't made aware of it until an hour after the game when the player made the allegation,'' Evans said.


1:35 p.m.

Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred says it's ''completely unacceptable'' that Orioles center fielder Adam Jones was taunted with racial slurs during a game against the Red Sox.

Manfred says his office has been in contact with the Red Sox, and the club has made clear that it won't tolerate ''this inexcusable behavior.''

Manfred says anyone who behaves this offensively at any ballpark will be ejected and subject to further action.

Jones says he was taunted with the N-word on Monday night, and he and the Red Sox say one fan threw a bag of peanuts at him.


1:20 p.m.

Red Sox spokesman Kevin Gregg says that of 34 fans ejected during a game Monday night against the Orioles, one was tossed for using ''foul language'' toward a player on the field.

But Gregg said Tuesday it's not clear whether the fan who used foul language directed it toward Orioles center fielder Adam Jones.

Another fan was ejected for throwing peanuts at Jones.

Gregg didn't specify why the other fans were ejected.

Jones says he was taunted with racial slurs, including the N-word.


12:50 p.m.

A Boston police spokesman says authorities are investigating after someone threw of a bag of peanuts at Orioles center fielder Adam Jones, but they have no suspects yet.

Lt. Mike McCarthy says police only found out about the incident Tuesday morning.

He says police don't generally get involved in ballpark ejections unless the person getting ejected resists or becomes belligerent. McCarthy says Fenway Park security generally handles ejections.

USA Today Sports reported that Red Sox officials confirmed that a fan threw a bag of peanuts at Jones and was kicked out of the stadium.


11:45 a.m.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh says the taunting and heckling using racial slurs against Orioles center fielder Adam Jones is ''unacceptable.''

Walsh told WBZ-AM radio, Boston's CBS affiliate on Tuesday: ''Something like this doesn't belong in sports.''

Walsh says he wishes he could find out who used the racial slurs. ''If they claim to be a sports fan, they're not a sports fan - nothing but a racist,'' Walsh said.

He apologized on behalf of the city.

''The city of Boston, the Red Sox organization don't condone this type of behavior,'' Walsh said. ''It's an unfortunate incident and it should not reflect the city or who we are as Boston.''

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, meanwhile, denounced the behavior on Twitter as ''unacceptable and shameful.''

Baker tweeted: ''This is not what Massachusetts & Boston are about.''

Walsh predicted that Jones would get a standing ovation when the teams meet again Tuesday night, saying: ''I think Red Sox fans will step it up tonight.''


10 a.m.

Boston Red Sox President Sam Kennedy is apologizing for fans at Fenway Park taunting Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones with racial slurs.

Kennedy also apologized Tuesday for a fan throwing peanuts at Jones during Monday night's game. He said the organization is ''sickened by the conduct of an ignorant few.''

Jones, who is black, said he was ''called the N-word a handful of times'' in quotes reported by USA Today Sports and The Boston Globe.

''It's unfortunate that people need to resort to those type of epithets to degrade another human being,'' Jones said.

The Red Sox said they is reviewing what happened at the game, but any spectator behaving poorly forfeits the right to be in the ballpark and could be subject to further action.


2 a.m.

Orioles center fielder Adam Jones said he was taunted with racial slurs at Fenway Park during Baltimore's game against the Boston Red Sox on Monday night.

Jones, who is black, said someone in the crowd threw a bag of peanuts at him. He said he has been the subject of racist heckling in Boston's ballpark before, but this was one of the worst cases of fan abuse he has heard in his 12-year career, according to USA Today Sports.

The five-time All-Star said he was ''called the N-word a handful of times'' in quotes reported by USA Today Sports and The Boston Globe.

The Orioles' 5-2 victory marked the latest testy game between the AL East rivals this season, including a dustup in Baltimore just more than a week ago.


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