• The Twins were trailing the Indians 8–2, but that didn't stop Byron Buxton from making one of the best catches of the season.
By Gabriel Baumgaertner
May 14, 2017

Once the most regarded prospects in Major League Baseball, Twins centerfielder Byron Buxton has struggled with too many strikeouts, too few walks and minimal power for a player of his athleticism. His slash line of .168/.248/.253 is likely a source of great stress for Buxton and Twins fans alike, but Buxton is still all of 23 years old and, as he showed on Sunday afternoon, a plus defender. Those Mike Trout comparisons that he drew as a teenager may have been overhyped, but Buxton mirrored Trout for at least a moment by robbing Carlos Santana of an extra-base hit.

Get a load of this catch.

This is perfect centerfielding. Buxton gets a spectacular break on Santana's laser to right-center (on a pitch at his shoulders, no less) and cuts the angle to catch up to a ball that surely would have hit the wall if he wasted a step. Then, for good measure, he extends completely horizontally as he careens into the wall. Somehow, he holds onto the ball despite losing his hat and sunglasses.

It may not top Kevin Pillar's magnificent diving grab, but Buxton's catch should grace any highlight reels tonight and at the end of the season.

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