Ryon Healy's humongous home run on Tuesday cost a fan and the Athletics—literally.

By Jon Tayler
May 17, 2017

If you sit in the upper deck of a stadium for a baseball game, there's some stuff you can generally count on. The trip up and down the endless steps to go to and from your seat will exhaust you. Your view will be expansive, albeit not very detailed. And as you sit munching on your hot dog and sipping your $14 beer, you won't have to worry about a small horsehide projectile getting launched into your general vicinity and wrecking you.

That wasn't the case for Washington State freshman Peter Johnson, who was parked way up in Safeco Field's leftfield stands for Tuesday night's Mariners-Athletics game but ended up on the receiving end of this titanic two-run home run off the bat of Oakland third baseman Ryon Healy. That's Johnson, wearing a red Washington State pullover, who gets hit right in the lap by Healy's blast about 10 seconds into the video. The result?

Luckily for Peter, the A's—who won the game, 9–6, on a late comeback—were feeling charitable.

So there you have it, fans: If you're in need of a phone upgrade, just head to an A's game and hope that it collides with Healy's next homer.

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