Luis Gonzalez provided more heroics in Arizona on Friday afternoon when he responded to a car accident.

By Chris Chavez
June 03, 2017

Former Arizona Diamondbacks star Luis Gonzalez came upon a car accident in Paradise Valley, Arizona on Friday afternoon and helped pull a woman from her car in the collision.

Gonzalez and his friend were driving when the car ahead of them jumped the median and got into the head-on crash.

“It was pretty scary,” Gonzalez told AzPrepsLive on 98.7 FM. “I was following in another car and I saw it. I did what anybody else would do. I was just trying to get her out of the car as quickly as possible.”

Watch Gonzalez consoling the accident victim below:

Gonzalez played 19 seasons in the majors and helped deliver a World Series title in 2001 with a walk-off hit off Mariano Rivera in Game 7 against the Yankees.

He currently serves as a senior advisor for the Diamondbacks.

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