5. Washington Nationals (42–27, plus-69, LT: 3)

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Read this Washington Post accounting of the Nats’ offseason, and try not to gnash your teeth in frustration.

How and why ownership would approve a megatrade for Adam Eaton, only to stop short on a trade for David Robertson, or even worse a relatively low-cost signing of high-upside closer Greg Holland (now dominating in Colorado) is a huge mystery. Granted, there’s far less urgency to fix Washington’s worst-in-the-league bullpen when the rest of the division consists of a pack of one-legged raccoons, and the Nats can win the division by 20 games without breaking a sweat. But everyone in the league also knows that Matt Albers-and-pray-for-rain will end in disaster come October, making one (and probably more) moves for impact relievers a must between now and the July 31 trade deadline. Here’s hoping ownership isn’t so stingy and stubborn this time around.