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San Francisco Giants

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Oy. Johnny Cueto’s hurt, so they can’t trade him. Mark Melancon’s hurt (and overpaid), so they can’t trade him. Jeff Samardzija got roasted twice in a row by the Padres, so they can’t trade him. The rest of the roster has a couple of untouchables (catcher Buster Posey and ace Madison Bumgarner), a few decent performers who aren’t going anywhere, plus a handful of aging busts.

That leaves reliever Hunter Strickland and third baseman Eduardo Nuñez, who can also play shortstop or the outfield. You might remember Strickland as the guy who got smoked by Bryce Harper in the 2014 playoffs then threw at him three years later, as if his own failures were Harper’s fault (Strickland does own a live fastball and strikeout-an-inning results this year, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice). That leaves the free-agent-to-be Nuñez as the Giants’ best trade bait. Memo to inquiring clubs: If a hitter with one of the emptiest .305 batting averages in recent baseball history (he’s hit four homers and walked just 12 times all year) and whose versatility is belied by his inability to play good defense at any position is to your liking, step right up!