Hannah Foslien/Getty Images
August 02, 2017

Houston Astros 69–38, .651

Standings: 15 games ahead in AL West

Playoff Odds: 100.0%

Particularly with Lance McCullers Jr. hitting the DL due to back discomfort, it's striking that the Astros—who are still trying to get Dallas Keuchel and Collin McHugh to round back into form after lengthy absences—didn't add a starter. They might still like to, but as they’ve already reminded us with the acquisition of Francisco Liriano, it’s easier to add to the bullpen. Trading Zach Britton is probably too complicated given the waiver restrictions, but a lesser reliever, such as Brach (2.78 ERA, 3.29 FIP, 9.7 K/9) should be easier to move—if another team doesn’t try to block him.

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