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Elizabeth Warren is Using Tom Verducci's 'The Cubs Way' to Build 2020 Campaign Team

Tom Verducci's "The Cub's Way" highlihts how Theo Epstein used workplace culture as a tool to win the World Series.

Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren is turning to Theo Epstein and the Chicago Cubs for inspiration on how to put together her 2020 presidential campaign team.

According to The Guardian's Ben Jacobs, Warren, who entered the 2020 race on New Year's Eve, is looking to build a campaign staff comprised of individuals focused on healthy workplace culture.

To do so, Warren is pulling wisdom from Sports Illustrated senior baseball writer Tom Verducci's book "The Cubs Way."

Verducci's book goes in-depth about how Epstein used workplace culture as a tool to end the Cubs' 108-year World Series drought with a win in 2016 over the Cleveland Indians. It chronicles how Epstein and Cubs manager Joe Maddon "prove that clubhouse culture is as important as on-base percentage, and that intangible components like personality, vibe, and positive energy are necessary for a team to perform to their fullest potential."

Jacobs reports that Warren's campaign has emphasized the need to hire the right people and not necessarily "the best people."

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The New York Times bestseller was published in March of 2017. Warren is considered by many to be one of the frontrunners for the Democratic party's 2020 presidential nomination.