Angels' Decision About GM Perry Minasian's Future is Urgent, Longtime Broadcaster Says

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Victor Rojas spent years as the Los Angeles Angels' play-by-play broadcaster on television from 2010-20. He also applied for the general manager position that went to Perry Minasian before leaving the organization to run the Frisco RoughRiders, the Texas Rangers' Double-A affiliate, as president and general manager.

In a recent episode of the Angels Win Podcast, Rojas offered up his opinion about Minasian and said that the team's decision about the general manager's future is urgent.

“What’s the game plan?" Rojas asked. "More importantly, who’s running the game plan? If Perry is gone after this year … who’s making the ultimate decision on these trades and the players coming back? You almost have to say either he is or he isn’t coming back. Make a decision one way or the other … and maybe they had the conversations internally but haven’t put anything out publicly. It’s kind of weird in this limbo stage. Same goes for the draft. Perry’s going to draft what he feels is best for the organization but it could be a boatload of players that if he’s gone … those players don’t profile to that GM’s liking.”

“I’m not knocking Perry, I’m just saying what’s the plan? Nobody knows what the plan is. And meanwhile, all you keep seeing are stories that come out, people keep talking crap about the organization, former players, you know, it’s like, don’t you sit there and go, is somebody in a leadership role going to go, ‘enough of this, we’re damaging our own brand, and it may be our own fault for doing this, so let’s change?’ ”

Whatever the Angels choose to do with Minasian will have lasting effects on the club. The state of limbo he's mired in reflects as much (if not more) on owner Arte Moreno, who ultimately has the final say on hiring and firing the GM.

Rojas had arguably harsher words for Moreno in the same podcast.

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