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Angels GM Comments on Former All-Star Fighting For Roster Spot

The veteran infielder reported to camp 58 pounds lighter.

Miguel Sanó is far removed from his last All-Star Game appearance in 2017 with the Minnesota Twins. When the 2023 season began, he was willing to sign with any team willing to give him a chance.

Despite his workouts in front of teams, nobody took the bait. 

Sanó went to Florida to start his workouts, which led him to shed 58 pounds. His improved fitness put him in a position to sign a minor-league contract with the Los Angeles Angels, and he is now fighting to break camp on the big league roster.

“He looks good. We’ll see what we have. I understand wanting shiny toys and fancy signings and all those things. But to be a good team, you need stories. You need some guys that emerge that maybe aren’t talked about a ton. He’s somebody that we really liked going into the offseason, and he proved that he’s healthy. He’s somebody we felt we should take a shot on.”

— Perry Minasian via The Athletic

Sanó's health improved through strict lifestyle changes. He regularly does cardio exercises and switched to a diet that includes a lot more greens, paired with portion control.

His hard work and Winter League performance have allowed him to become the player he once was — the one who hit 162 homers in 694 games with a career .808 OPS.

“I have the opportunity to do a lot of damage in the league, being in the shape that I’m in. I have an opportunity, and I just feel good about it. I think I can reach that.”

— Miguel Sanó via The Athletic

That damage has been on display early this spring. In Friday's game against the Padres, Sanó blasted a home run. That's been his only hit in 12 at-bats, compared to six strikeouts. He has walked three times and scored four runs.

Sanó still has a long way to go, but the Angels are allowing him to take the first step on the road back.