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The World Baseball Classic returned for the first time since 2017, and it was a huge success. It set the baseball world on fire and showcased the best of each country. The WBC not only showcased the players abilities, but also the managers and that was the case with Angels infield coach Benji Gil. 

Gil managed Team Mexico in 2023 and did an exceptional job at that. He led his team to the semifinal against Japan and showed he can manage; however, Gil has yet to have interviewed for a managerial job. 

Gil told Angels insider for the Athletic Sam Blum is shocked by that and thought he would get a call or be considered for a job.

“I really thought I was going to get consideration after my fourth year managing,” Gil said. “Now I’ve won three of the last four years. And then I won again. And I’m like, ‘OK, for certain, somebody’s got to notice it, right?’”

His track record is as good as it gets for someone who hasn't been manager at the big league level. Benji has done it all for Mexico as a manger; he won the Pacific League championship in 2015, 2018, 2020, 2021 and has a 46-17 record when he manages a summer league in Mexico. 

Angels skipper Phil Nevin has high praise for his infield coach, as he compared him to two other infield coaches that succeed as managers. 

“He’s really good with the infielders,” said Angels manager Phil Nevin. “He studies it, too. He sees the things that (Braves coach) Ron Washington and (Mariners coach) Perry Hill do. They are considered two of the best. I’ll put Benji right up there with them. He’s got a great rapport with the players. He’s stern, he holds them accountable. But he’s a guy that guys like to talk to.

Gil has put in his time both as a coach and as a player. He's won everywhere he's gone and deserves a shot. Gil believes in his abilities and is optimistic that day will come soon. 

“There’s 30 jobs. Thirty jobs in the big leagues to be a major-league manager,” Gil said. “I think everybody that has that opportunity is privileged and has done great things in the game to get that opportunity. I hope I’m one of those that do enough.”