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With the MLB trade deadline just around the corner, it seems that with each passing day, we get more rumors involving Angels two-way superstar Shohei Ohtani. The Angels continue to win games however so the likelihood of an Ohtani trade keeps falling by the day. But that won’t stop the questions from being asked by media members.

After the Angels win over the Pittsburgh Pirates on Friday, Ohtani was asked if he is open to the possibility of re-signing with the team. His answer leaves much open to interpretation, but it also felt like he was deflecting from the situation entirely.

He probably is annoyed by the situation, and just wants to play baseball right now. But his answer is a little telling. Ohtani didn’t say yes, but he also didn’t say no. But it is interesting that he hasn’t sat down at all to talk about anything with the front office as well.

Naturally, he could let his agent handle things, but you would think he would have had even a minor conversation along the way. Right?

Either way, many around the game believe that Ohtani will leave the Angels once the season ends, or if they trade him hear over the next week plus. He is expected to command at least $500 million on the open market and has said that winning is his top priority.

Right now he is with the Angels, so his priority is seeing them succeed this season to make a potential postseason run. But the reality is that despite their recent winning, the playoff chances look bleak.

Ohtani has been dodging questions about his future for a while now, so this shouldn't be surprising. But as we get closer to both the trade deadline and his free agency, anything that he says will be picked apart. This entire situation will be something to monitor and will be fun to watch play out.