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Cody Bellinger News: Former Dodgers Lands With Cubs

Former Dodgers outfielder Cody Bellinger met with at least three teams this week and ultimately chose the Chicago Cubs on a one-year deal.

The Cody Bellinger market was hot, and while the Dodgers remained in on him until the end, that end came on Tuesday afternoon when Bellinger agreed to join the Cubs. Amid statements from his agent, Scott Boras, that Belli was seeking a one-year deal and reports that he was looking for $20 million, Bellinger agreed to a $17.5 million deal with Chicago.

The Blue Jays were a commonly guessed destination for the former MVP, but the Cubs made a lot of sense, too. The one that never really made much sense was the Giants, as a player trying to re-establish his offensive value generally wouldn't agree to play half his games in a park that stifles offense.

In the end, he chose a ballpark that can be a hitter's haven when the weather's right, with wind patterns turning Wrigley into a launching pad at times. It would have been weird to see Bellinger in the black and orange of San Francisco, and by weird, we mean gross. At least the Cubs (and Blue Jays) have the decency to wear blue, so seeing Belli in a Cubs uni will look weird but not crazy weird.

The biggest concern now might be that at least one Cubs fans is apparently expecting him either to be a switch hitter or to go oppo a bunch.

(For the record, Waveland Ave. is beyond the left-field bleachers at Wrigley Field; it's Sheffield Ave. behind right field, where Bellinger would be much more likely to hit his dingers.)

We knew the chances of Belli coming back to L.A. were low, and now they're down to zero.