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The Dodgers swept the Cubs on Sunday to cap off a perfect record on the week. The Dodgers stormed back from a five run deficit not once, but twice, but one of the biggest moments of the series came on Friday night. 

In the sixth inning, Tyler Anderson was waiting at home plate to tag out the Cubs' Ian Happ as he rumbled towards home. To make a play at the plate, Happ lowered his shoulder in an attempt to get by Anderson. 

Almost simultaneously, Anderson appeared to not favor the tactics made by Happ so he quickly swung Happ to the ground. Happ immediately looked confused and upset, but the two did not end up in any physical altercation.

The internet erupted with fans weighing in on who was at fault. Despite the controversy, Anderson wanted no part of any drama and immediately diffused the situation (quotes via The Orange County Register's Bill Plunkett). 

“I don’t know – it seemed like he kind of thought he was out and I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but he just went head and shoulder down as I caught it.It was not what I was expecting. I understand it. I respect guys that play hard. You want to play hard and get a run there. I’m all for it.” 

The respect and brotherly camaraderie goes a long way in the MLB and Anderson knew there was no point to escalate the already hot moment. Fortunately neither player got hurt, but fans love seeing the intensity as much as the players enjoy being apart of it.