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Dodgers Offseason: Giants May Pivot to Carlos Correa After Striking Out on Judge

After missing out on Aaron Judge, the Giants have a ton of money available and a need at shortstop. Carlos Correa might make sense for them.

While the Dodgers have been fairly quiet on the free-agent market this offseason, their rivals up north have been extremely busy, if only moderately successful. The Giants signed Mitch Haniger and made a huge offer to Aaron Judge, who ultimately returned to the Yankees after they matched the offer.

While the Giants remain in the market for another outtfielder, they're also in need of a shortstop, as Brandon Crawford is going into the last year of his contract and was terrible in 2022. Now that they know they won't be spending a ton of money on Judge, San Francisco might point that money at the shortstop.

Correa and the Giants are a pretty logical fit for a lot of reasons. San Francisco has a ton of money to spend and a clear need, and Correa is accustomed to being hated by Dodger fans. Of course, L.A. could use a guy like Correa, too, but recent reports suggest they're not interested in the enigmatic shortstop partly because of his cheating history and partly because of financial uncertainty over the resolution of Trevor Bauer's suspension appeal.

Last offseason, Corey Seager for 10 years and $325 million from the Rangers. Earlier this week, Trea Turner got 11 years and $300 million from Philadelphia. Correa is likely looking for a deal in that ballpark, although he was also looking for that last offseason and found his market limited.

But Correa is now another year removed from the scandal of 2017 and has a team on his ledger between the Astros and now. Conditions might be better for him to get closer to what he's looking for. Will it be from the Giants? Time will tell!