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Gavin Lux Breaks Silence After Losing Dodgers Starting Shortstop Job

Lux reveals thoughts on losing shortstop position.

Last week, the Los Angeles Dodgers switched Gavin Lux to second base and Mookie Betts to shortstop. Though the team anticipated Lux would become the shortstop going forward, he continued to struggle making throws to first base all spring. The Dodgers then decided to swap the two infielders with less than two weeks to go until Opening Day in Korea.

Lux has now spoken to the media for the first time since the Dodgers made the swap. Lux revealed that though he is disappointed, he's not going to dwell on the change.

“Obviously, it’s a little disappointing. It’s hard not to (be). But at the same time we have three days before we go to Korea so you have to just move on, which for me, as long as I’m in the lineup and I get to play, I don’t really care where it is ... It doesn’t do any good for anybody to sit and mope around. Like we talk about, me and Mookie are getting out there early every single day, turning double plays, talking through stuff together. I think it’s that more than anything. There’s no other option. We have to move forward. The ultimate goal is to win games. I don’t think either of us cares where it is.”

— Gavin Lux, via The Athletic's Fabian Ardaya.

However, Lux still believes he's capable of playing as a regular shortstop, but needs more time to get back into the swing of things. After missing the entire 2023 season with a torn ACL and not regularly playing the position since 2021, Lux feels he needs time to adjust back to the position.

“I think I just need to keep getting game reps,” said Lux, who hasn’t played shortstop on a regular basis since 2021 and who missed last season. “I think just getting out there and continuing to play, it’s knocking rust off more than anything ... I haven’t done it for a year and a half.”

— Gavin Lux, via The Athletic's Fabian Ardaya.

For now, Lux will remain at second base for the Dodgers as they want to keep his bat in the lineup.