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Yoshinobu Yamamoto's Workout Routine Making Impact on Surprise Dodgers Teammate

The star infielder is taking a page out of L.A.'s new ace's book.

Los Angeles Dodgers superstar Mookie Betts is still among this league's best players. He's accomplished so much in his nine-year career, and as he approaches his 10th season, he's still looking to get better.

No matter how great he is, Betts is still looking for ways to improve his game. And he's seemed to take interest in a workout routine of one of his newest teammates.

The 31-year-old Bets is taking a page from his new teammate Yoshinobu Yamamoto's playbook regarding his workout routine. LA Times staff writer Mike Digiovannia noted that Betts has been working out with Yamamoto's personal trainer, Yada Sensei, and following some of his regimen. 

“I don’t necessarily know what I’m doing — I’m just kind of doing it, and I feel good, so we’ll see,” Betts, 31, said. “The whole thing is interesting. You’re never too old to learn. You’re never too good to learn. He’s won, what, three most valuable player awards and three Cy Youngs [in Japan]? I mean, he’s all-world, so why would you not at least be open-minded to it? I’ve got nine years [left on my contract]. I’m gonna make it the best nine years that I can.”

—Mookie Betts, via LA Times

Yamamoto is known for his workout regimen. He throws a javelin instead of playing long toss and uses contortionist yoga techniques as opposed to weighlifting. These practices have helped the Japanese sensation achieve nearly unparalleled power and flexibility.

Betts feels like this type of work could help him in his career. The 31-year-old is keeping an open mind to ensure he is his best self throughout the rest of his mega contract. 

“It’s not like I’m hitting 460-foot homers now, and if I start working out [differently], I may add what, two feet [of distance]?” Betts said. “It’s more important to stay healthy and be the best Mook for these these next nine years, or however long I’ve got.”

—Mookie Betts, via LA Times

The two-time World Series champion ensures he will be a significant part of the Dodgers throughout his tenure. As for Yamamoto, he's already making his mark on the team in his first year in the major leagues — and he hasn't even thrown a pitch yet.