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Lineup and How to Watch Marlins vs Cardinals Spring Breakout Game, Streaming on Inside the Marlins

The Miami Marlins are putting one of their top prospects on the bump versus St. Louis today, and we have a FREE stream of the game!

The Miami Marlins are matching up with the St Louis Cardinals in a prospect battle on Friday at 2:05 PM ET, and we're bringing you a FREE stream of the game here on Inside the Marlins! 

Part of MLB's new "Spring Breakout Initiative", prospects from the two teams will face off in the first game of a doubleheader, with the major league rosters squaring off at 7:05 PM ET. 

Lefthander Thomas White, drafted in last year's first round, has been announced as the starter for Miami in the game. The young lefthander, taken at #35 overall out of high school last year, leads a star-studded Marlins minor league contingent. 

Lineups for Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals Spring Breakout 

Here's how the Marlins will line up for the contest: 

SS Jacob Amaya
3B Jacob Berry
1B Troy Johnston
C Will Banfield
RF Griffin Conine
2B Yiddi Cappe
LF Kemp Alderman
DH Paul McIntosh
CF Yavier Sanoja

Here's how the Cardinals will line up for the game:

CF Victor Scott II
SS Masyn Winn
3B Thomas Saggese
C Pedro Pagés
2B Cesar Prieto
LF Won-Bin Cho
RF Joshua Baez
DH Chase Davis
1B RJ Yeager

Starting for the Cardinals is top prospect Tink Hence. 

Marlins Roster for Spring Breakout

Here's the full Marlins roster (selected by MLB) for the exhibition, accompanied by each player's MLB Pipeline prospect ranking.

Noble Meyer, RHP, No. 1 (MLB No. 57)
Thomas White, LHP, No. 2
Karson Milbrandt, RHP, No. 6
Jacob Miller, RHP, No. 13
Anthony Maldonado, RHP, No. 19
Patrick Monteverde, LHP, No. 20
Juan De La Cruz, RHP, No. 21
Ike Buxton, RHP, No. 26
Nigel Belgrave, RHP, No. 28
Evan Fitterer, RHP, NR
Matt Pushard, RHP, NR
Luarbert Arias, RHP, NR

Will Banfield, C, No. 23
Joe Mack, C, No. 24

Jacob Berry, 3B/1B, No. 5
Yiddi Cappe, 2B/SS, No. 7
Jacob Amaya, SS/2B, No. 9
Fabian Lopez, SS, No. 12
Brock Vradenburg, 1B, No. 17
Troy Johnston, 1B, No. 18

Victor Mesa Jr., OF, No. 4 Replaced by catcher Paul McIntosh
Kemp Alderman, OF, No. 8
Andres Valor, OF, No. 15
Javier Sanoja, OF/SS/2B, No. 18
Griffin Conine, OF, NR
Jose Gerardo, OF, NR

How to Watch the Miami Marlins Spring Breakout Game on Thursday, March 14th:

Inside the Marlins is bringing you a FREE stream of the game! Bookmark this link and join us on Friday at 2:05 PM ET.